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3 Signs That Indicate Window Seal Failure

Learn More About the Top 3 Signs of Window Seal Failure
Properties with windows have window seals, unless your home has single-pane windows. Window seals can fail, and if they do, this will need immediate attention. It will be easier to identify any issues with your window seals if you know what they are and how you can recognize window seal failure.

Window Seals Explained
The main difference between single pane windows and double or triple-pane windows is the window seal. Those that have window seals are made of two or three glass panes, which are separated with an inert gas thermal spacer or through a partial vacuum. In order to stop pollutants from getting inside and for the gas or vacuum to be disturbed, the panes and spacers are sealed off at the edges.

What Signs Point to a Failed Window Seal?

1. Windows that seem dirty, even if they have just been cleaned.

Windows that seem dirty are a reliable indicator that the seal has failed and that the window is now allowing dirt and dust to enter the space between the panes. Tiny particles carried by the wind can make their way in between the panes. You may even notice small insects on the inside.
If you find yourself getting frustrated by not being able to get your windows clean, this may point to a window seal failure, as the dirt is most likely situated in between the panes. This would be a good time to call on a windows company Schiller Park homeowners rely on.

2. Condensation Found Between the Glass Panes

Window seals establish a thermal barrier between the interior and the exterior of the windows. If the seal no longer functions as it should, temperature and humidity changes can directly affect the area between the window panes. Condensation, which results from retained moisture, can be seen in between the panes. The likelihood of condensation is probably highest at times of significant temperature and humidity changes.
If you suspect a window seal failure, you do not need to wait for a change in weather conditions. Instead, you can establish a temperature difference between both sides and check for condensation. Your window seal has probably failed if you notice water drops, fog, or frost between the panes. At this point you should consider contacting a window replacement Schiller Park based team.

3. Window Panes Appear Visually Distorted

Sealed windows are designed in such a way that the inert gas or vacuum remains in complete equilibrium with the glass panes. If the seal is no longer functional, either the vacuum is filled with air, or the gas escapes. This may impact the window pane’s structural stability and result in a visual distortion of the glass.
One way to test this is to observe the windows from the outside at various angles and distances. See if you notice any distortions. The center of the glass is where distortions are most often noticed. This is also a good exercise to undertake before signing off on a new window installation Schiller Park based project.

What Action Is Required If Window Seal Failure Has Been Confirmed?

The first step to take is to check your paperwork to see whether your windows are covered by a warranty. A lifetime windows warranty often applies, safeguarding you in the event that a product fails.

Failed window seals can have a negative impact on your energy usage, even if your windows are energy efficient. You can contact Real Exteriors Windows Siding & Doors to assess your windows and provide you with a free estimate. Whether your windows are covered by a warranty or not, our replacement windows Schiller Park based services are available for your convenience. Get in touch with us right away and let us help you restore your windows to perform at their best once again.

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